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Civil Service Eligibility Lists and Exam Announcements

Exam Announcements

TitleAppointing AuthorityExam Date
Service Desk AnalystInformation Technology5/20/2022
Information Processor 1Job and Family Services5/21/2022
Intelligence AnalystPublic Safety and Justice Services5/21/2022
Senior Human Resources AssociateHuman Resources5/21/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/21/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/22/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/23/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/24/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/25/2022
Administrative AssistantPublic Works5/26/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/21/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/22/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/23/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/24/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/25/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services5/26/2022
Fiscal Specialist 2Fiscal Office5/27/2022
Organizational and Employee Development and Training SpecialistHuman Resources5/27/2022
Job CoachSheriff's Department5/28/2022

Civil Service Eligibility Lists

TitleAppointing AuthorityEstabl. Date
Senior Project ManagerPublic Works5/19/2022
Emergency Call-TakerPublic Safety and Justice Services5/19/2022
Business Administrator 4Job and Family Services5/18/2022
Deputy SheriffSheriff’s Department5/17/2022
Budget and Planning AdministratorFiscal Office5/17/2022
Correction OfficerSheriff's Department5/17/2022
Customer Service AideJob and Family Services5/16/2022
Employment and Family Services SpecialistJob and Family Services5/16/2022
Supervisor, Employment & Family ServiceJob and Family Services5/16/2022
Fiscal Office Inquiry AssistantTreasury5/13/2022
Senior Business Intelligence AnalystJob and Family Services5/13/2022
Fraud AuditorJob and Family Services5/12/2022
Forensic Scientist 2 - Firearms and ToolmarkMedical Examiner’s Office5/11/2022
DockworkerSheriff’s Department5/11/2022
Account ClerkChildren and Family Services5/10/2022
Account Clerk 2Job and Family Services5/9/2022
Information Systems AnalystInformation Technology5/9/2022
HHS Training SpecialistChildren and Family Services5/9/2022
Custodial WorkerPublic Works5/9/2022
Social Service Worker 3Children and Family Services5/5/2022
Human Resources GeneralistHuman Resources5/4/2022
Human Resources Business PartnerHuman Resources5/4/2022
Engineer 4Public Works5/4/2022
Tax Collection ManagerTreasury5/4/2022
Administrative Assistant 1Children and Family Services5/3/2022
Senior Administrative AssistantHealth and Human Services – Director’s Office5/3/2022
InvestigatorJob and Family Services5/2/2022
Witness Victim Program SpecialistPublic Safety and Justice Services5/2/2022
Social Service Worker 1Children and Family Services4/29/2022
Supervisor, Fiscal OfficeFiscal Office4/29/2022
Support OfficerJob and Family Services4/29/2022
Administrative Assistant 1Job and Family Services4/29/2022
Engineer 1Public Works4/28/2022
SecretaryChildren and Family Services4/28/2022
Developer 3Information Technology4/28/2022
Security officer 2Sheriff’s Department4/27/2022
Clerical SpecialistJob and Family Services4/27/2022
Justice System AdvocatePublic Safety and Justice Services4/26/2022
Superintendent, MaintenancePublic Works4/25/2022
Sheriff's Clerk (Level 2)Sheriff’s Department4/25/2022
Supervisor, Support SpecialistJob and Family Services4/19/2022
Family Service Aide 2Senior and Adult Services4/19/2022
Supervisor, Administrative SupportHealth and Human Services - Director's Office4/19/2022
Support Specialist 1Job and Family Services4/19/2022
Fiscal Specialist 2Senior and Adult Services4/18/2022
Purchasing AgentFiscal Office4/15/2022
Supervisor, ExaminerJob and Family Services4/15/2022
Social Service Worker 2Sheriff's Department4/15/2022
Emergency Call-takerPublic Safety and Justice Services4/14/2022
Manager, Business ServicesWorkforce Development4/13/2022
Social Service Aide 2Children and Family Services4/12/2022
Senior Supervisor NursingSenior and Adult Services4/11/2022
Chief InvestigatorSheriff’s Department4/11/2022
Crime Stoppers CoordinatorSheriff’s Department4/8/2022
C.A.D. Technician 1Fiscal Office4/7/2022
Forensic Scientist 1-Trace EvidenceMedical Examiner's Office4/6/2022
Family Service Aide 2Children and Family Services4/6/2022
Business Administrator 4Sheriff’s Department4/6/2022
Supervisor, Certified Medical InsuranceSenior and Adult Services4/6/2022
Information Technology Senior Project ManagerInformation Technology4/5/2022
Supervisor, Engineering MapsFiscal Office4/4/2022
Security AnalystInformation Technology4/4/2022
Multisystemic TherapistChildren and Family Services4/4/2022
Information Technology Project ManagerInformation Technology4/4/2022
Program Officer 4Health and Human Services - Director's Office4/4/2022
Supervisor, Mail RoomPublic Works4/4/2022
Communications SpecialistCommunications4/1/2022
Administrator, Social Program 2Workforce Development3/31/2022
Senior Administrative AssistantChildren and Family Services3/30/2022
Information Processor 1Job and Family Services3/30/2022
Senior Administrative AssistantSenior and Adult Services3/29/2022
Support Specialist 2Job and Family Services3/29/2022
Superintendent, FacilitiesPublic Works3/29/2022
Administrative AssistantSenior and Adult Services3/28/2022
Contract Compliance OfficerFiscal Officer3/28/2022
Contract AnalystJob and Family Services3/28/2022
Senior Bridge InspectorPublic Works3/25/2022
Supervisor, Electronic TechnicianPublic Works3/24/2022
Program Officer 1Job and Family Services3/23/2022
Storekeeper 2Job and Family Services3/21/2022
Senior Account ClerkFiscal Office3/21/2022
Service Desk AnalystInformation Technology3/18/2022
Program Officer 2Senior and Adult Services3/17/2022
Airport Operations Technician IIPublic Works3/17/2022
Program Officer 3Fiscal Office3/16/2022
Manager, Business ServicesChildren and Family Services3/15/2022
ClerkClerk of Courts3/14/2022
InspectorFiscal Officer3/14/2022
Senior Business Intelligence AnalystSheriff’s Department3/10/2022
Supervisor, Project InspectionPublic Works3/10/2022
Section Chief, EngineeringPublic Works3/9/2022
Administrative Hearing OfficerJob and Family Services3/9/2022
Organizational and Employee Development and Training SpecialistHuman Resources3/7/2022
Medical Examiner Investigator 1Medical Examiner's Office3/3/2022
Maintenance Mechanic 1Public Works3/2/2022
Fiscal Specialist 3Job and Family Services3/2/2022
Supervisor, GrantsOffice of the Executive3/2/2022
Project Inspector (Bargaining)Public Works3/1/2022
Senior Grants CoordinatorOffice of the Executive3/1/2022
Clerical SpecialistChildren and Family Services3/1/2022
Payroll OfficerHuman Resources2/25/2022
Commercial/Industrial AppraiserFiscal Office2/25/2022
Program Officer 2Human Resources2/24/2022
Deputy Dog WardenPublic Works2/24/2022
Consumer Affairs SpecialistFiscal Office2/23/2022
Talent Acquisition & Employment SpecialistHuman Resources2/23/2022
Administrator, Social Program 3Job and Family Services2/16/2022
Forensic Scientist 2 - Trace Evidence - MEMedical Examiner’s Office2/14/2022
Electronic TechnicianPublic Works2/9/2022
IT Infrastructure Engineer 5Information Technology2/7/2022
Program Officer 2Children and Family Services2/7/2022
Program Officer 3Health and Human Services - Director's Office2/3/2022
Supervisor, CompensationHuman Resources2/3/2022
Fiscal Specialist 2Fiscal Office2/2/2022
Fiscal Specialist 2Job and Family Services2/2/2022
Supervisor, Administrative SupportTreasury1/31/2022
Engineer 4Public Works1/31/2022
Administrative OfficerJob and Family Services1/31/2022
Senior Human Resources AssociateHuman Resources1/26/2022
Administrator, Social Program 4Senior and Adult Services1/25/2022
IT Infrastructure Engineer 6Information Technology1/25/2022
Sheriff Clerk 2Sheriff’s Department1/21/2022
Supervisor, NursingSenior and Adult Services1/19/2022
Medical Records TechnicianSenior and Adult Services1/14/2022
Manager, Web and Applications DevelopmentInformation Technology1/12/2022
Account Clerk 2Senior and Adult Services1/11/2022
Administrator, Social Program 6Health and Human Services - Director's Office1/10/2022
Accountant 2Public Works1/5/2022
Sewer Maintenance WorkerPublic Works1/4/2022
Manager, Business ServicesDepartment of Development1/4/2022
Business Administrator 1Job and Family Services12/21/2021
Emergency Call-TakerPublic Safety and Justice Services12/16/2021
Administrator, Program OfficerJob and Family Services12/16/2021
Employee Services SpecialistHuman Resources12/15/2021
Senior Communications SpecialistDepartment of Communications12/15/2021
Forensic Scientist 2 - Drug ChemistryMedical Examiner’s Office12/14/2021
Administrator, Social Program 2Children and Family Services12/8/2021
Supervisor, Custodial WorkerPublic Works12/2/2021
Manager, Support ServicesInformation Technology11/29/2021
Program Officer 1Public Safety and Justice Services11/24/2021
Supervisor, GroundskeeperPublic Works11/24/2021
Forensic Scientist 1 - Firearms and ToolmarksMedical Examiner’s Office11/24/2021
Program Officer 3Sheriff’s Department11/22/2021
Fiscal Specialist 2Children and Family Services11/19/2021
Program Officer 3Job and Family Services11/18/2021
Program Officer 1Job and Family Services11/12/2021
Corrections Officer LieutenantSheriff’s Department11/10/2021
Administrative AssistantHealth and Human Services – Director’s Office11/4/2021
Supervisor, CECOMS OperationsPublic Safety and Justice Services11/3/2021
Project InspectorPublic Works11/1/2021
Senior Project ManagerPublic Works11/1/2021
Senior Training OfficerJob and Family Services10/29/2021
Emergency Call-TakerPublic Safety and Justice Services10/29/2021
Senior Supervisor, Social ServicesChildren and Family Services10/27/2021
Supervisor, Social ServicesSenior and Adult Services10/27/2021
Custodial WorkerSheriff’s Department10/26/2021
Employment and Family Services SpecialistChildren and Family Services10/25/2021
Manager, Business ServicesPublic Works10/25/2021
Emergency Management SpecialistPublic Safety and Justice Services10/22/2021
Manager, Business ServicesSenior and Adult Services10/21/2021
Physical Structure Security SpecialistSheriff’s Department10/21/2021
Supervisor, Social ServicesSenior and Adult Services10/21/2021
Fiscal Specialist 1Health and Human Services – Director’s Office10/15/2021
Senior Administrative AssistantClerk of Courts10/13/2021
Accountant 2Senior and Adult Services10/12/2021
CookSheriff’s Department10/13/2021
Manager, OBMFiscal Office10/13/2021
Section Chief, EngineeringPublic Works10/8/2021
Mechanic IIPublic Works10/6/2021
Employee and Labor Relations Specialist 1Human Resources9/30/2021
Early Childhood Mental Health TherapistChildren and Family Services9/28/2021
Senior Human Resources AssociateHuman Resources9/28/2021
Administrator, Social Program 2Job and Family Services9/27/2021
Job CoachSheriff's Department9/22/2021
Senior Training OfficerSenior and Adult Services9/21/2021
Forensic Scientist 1 - DNAMedical Examiner’s Office9/21/2021
Sheriff’s Clerk (Level 2) - InternalSheriff’s Department9/17/2021
Manager-PayrollFiscal Office9/15/2021
Human Resources AssociateHuman Resources9/14/2021
Evidence TechnicianMedical Examiner’s Office9/14/2021
Family and Children First Council Service CoordinatorHealth and Human Services – Director’s Office9/8/2021
Fiscal Specialist 2Health and Human Services – Director’s Office9/2/2021
Foster/Adoptive Recruitment SpecialistChildren and Family Services9/1/2021
Construction LaborerPublic Works8/31/2021
Supervisor, Administrative SupportChildren and Family Services8/30/2021
Senior Development Housing SpecialistDepartment of Development8/23/2021
Communications SpecialistDepartment of Communications8/20/2021
Environmental Compliance CoordinatorHuman Resources8/19/2021
Administrator, Social Program 5Health and Human Services - Director's Office8/19/2021
Employment Testing AssociatePersonnel Review Commission8/12/2021
Supervisor, Employment & Family ServiceJob and Family Services8/11/2021
Executive OfficerSenior and Adult Services8/10/2021
Fiscal Specialist 2Department of Development8/9/2021
Deputy Sheriff, CaptainSheriff’s Department8/5/2021
Forensic Scientist 2 - Drug ChemistryMedical Examiner’s Office8/3/2021
Clerical SpecialistJob and Family Services7/27/2021
Case ManagerMedical Examiner’s Office7/22/2021
InvestigatorJob and Family Services7/22/2021
Classification and Compensation SpecialistPersonnel Review Commission7/6/2021
Fiscal Specialist 2Public Works6/30/2021
Administrative OfficerFiscal Office6/22/2021
Child Health SpecialistChildren and Family Services6/21/2021
Job CoachHuman Resources6/17/2021
Performance ConsultantInformation Technology6/15/2021
Senior Data ProcessorTreasury5/28/2021
ClerkFiscal Office5/28/2021
Fiscal Specialist 2Sheriff’s Department5/27/2021
Senior Assessment SpecialistSenior and Adult Services5/17/2021
Supervisor, Fiscal OfficeFiscal Office5/5/2021
Senior Emergency Management SpecialistPublic Safety and Justice Services4/30/2021