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Civil Service Testing – Quick Reference

Below is a very brief step-by-step summary of the competitive civil service testing process for classified positions in Cuyahoga County. For complete details, please refer to the PRC’s Administrative Rules and our Civil Service Testing Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Application – To apply for a civil service test, you must first apply to a classified job posting. External candidates should apply on the County’s Job Board. Internal candidates should apply through the new MyHR according to these instructions on how to use the internal job board.

    If you wish to receive military service credit, you will need to provide the PRC with proof of your military service no later than the test administration date. Please follow the instructions in your test notification.

  2. Initial Screening – Once the application period closes, the applications are reviewed by PRC staff. PLEASE NOTE that the application reviewer will only consider the information in your application profile, not your résumé. Make sure you complete your online profile fully and include all necessary details and information.

    Once the initial screening is complete, all applicants will receive email notification of their status. If you are rejected and want to request a reconsideration, please visit the PRC’s Request for Reconsideration page.

  3. Test Scheduling – Qualified candidates will receive an email with the date(s), time(s), location, and other details of the test. These notifications are typically sent 10-14 days before the testing date. If you cannot attend on the available date(s) and time(s), review your notification email to see if rescheduling is available. If it is, please visit the PRC’s Request for Test Rescheduling page for complete details.

    Emails about the test will come from either or SignUpGenius is a third-party vendor the PRC uses to manage some civil service test registrations. You should make both of these addresses trusted senders for your email account so test notifications do not go to your junk or spam folder.

  4. Test Administration – Make sure you follow the instructions in your email notification so you get to the administration on time. If you are late, you won’t be allowed to sit for the test. Test administrations are standardized, and it is important that you understand and follow all of the spoken and written instructions during the administration. Your notification email should include information about the test format (written, computer-based, structured interview, etc.).

    If you have a verifiable disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and want to request accommodation in testing, please visit the PRC’s Request for ADA Accommodation in Testing page for complete details.

  5. Scoring and Posting – Depending on the nature of the test, scoring may take up to several days. Once it is complete, the PRC will compile the results in rank order and post the eligibility list of all people who passed the test. Once the list is posted, the PRC will email everyone who took the test.

    For each vacancy, the PRC certifies to the appointing authority the top 25% or a minimum of 10 names remaining on the eligibility list, whichever is greater. After certification, all additional hiring procedures and decisions are coordinated by the appointing authority and the Department of Human Resources. If you have questions about your status in the hiring process, please direct your questions to them.

    Eligibility lists will remain in effect for up to one (1) year or until they are fully exhausted. If you are removed from an eligibility list for any reason other than the list expiring, you will be notified via email by the PRC. If you want to request that your name be restored to a list, please visit the PRC’s Request for Eligibility List Restoration page for complete details.