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Online Testing through Examity


The PRC administers many of its civil service tests through an online proctoring service called Examity. If you are eligible to take a civil service test that’s being administered online, you will receive an email from the PRC with more information about the testing schedule.

If you haven’t taken a test through Examity before, then you will receive an email from Examity with a link to create your account. You MUST use the link in their email to create your Examity account before you take the test. Monitor your inbox closely, and regularly check your junk/spam folder just in case. You will have 48 hours after Examity emails you the registration link to set up your account. Otherwise, the link will expire, and you will need to request a new link from the PRC.

When you create your Examity account, you MUST use the same name and email address you used on the application profile that you submitted when you applied for this position. The name must also match the photo ID you will upload as part of your profile. If any of these don’t match, the proctor won’t be able to confirm your identity, and your test won’t be scored. To take the test online, you must have a computer that includes a webcam, a microphone, and speakers. You must also have the Chrome browser. This is the only browser compatible with the proctoring service. If you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to disable it for the test. If you don’t have the needed equipment, you can take the online part of your test at the PRC computer lab during the testing window listed in your notification email.

Please note that if you use a VPN, it could create issues when trying to connect to Examity. It is recommended that you not use a VPN when you try to take your test online. When you are ready to take your test, please use the following link:

You will need to install a temporary extension in your browser. The security settings on your computer must allow you to install the browser extension and download files. Note for County employees: County IT has tested both the county and state networks, and you should be able to download and use the extension on your work computer. Taking the test on your work computer is permissible and is not considered a security issue. However, you may still want to use your home computer to be certain.

When you create your profile, you must upload a picture of your photo ID to your profile. A picture of yourself is not enough on its own. When you begin the test, you will need to use your webcam to take a picture of the same photo ID. You must also leave the webcam enabled during the entire test. (In the bottom-right corner of the Examity sidebar, there is a window that shows your webcam stream. If you don’t see yourself in the window, then your webcam is not enabled.) If you do not show your photo ID or leave your webcam enabled during the entire test, you will be disqualified. We must be able to confirm your identity the entire time!

Tablets and smart phones ARE NOT supported!

Download the Examity Test-Taker Guide. This walks you through the steps to create your profile and take your test. Please read through the entire guide. Watch the video tutorial.