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Requests for Test Rescheduling

Your exam notification includes the rescheduling policy for your exam. Not all exams have the same policy. Please find the correct policy below and follow the instructions to request rescheduling (if applicable).

COVID-19 Policy

Please contact the PRC immediately at (216) 698-2290 if you:

  • Have a confirmed case of COVID-19,
  • Have had close contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or
  • Are exhibiting any symptoms.

We will schedule your new session after the recommended isolation period. You must provide a negative COVID-19 test result before we reschedule you. The PRC follows all local, state, and federal guidance regarding COVID-19.

Please note that the PRC will establish the eligibility list once we complete the originally scheduled testing. However, if you pass the test when you are rescheduled, we will add your name to the eligibility list.

No Rescheduling

There is no rescheduling. You must attend a scheduled session.

Rescheduling Allowed (Written/Computerized Exam)

We will allow rescheduling for legitimate, verifiable reasons. If you cannot attend as scheduled, you should first check the PRC’s Civil Service Exam Announcements page. Other sessions may be available for the test. If there are other sessions and you can attend one of them, contact us at or (216) 698-2290. We will let you know if you can switch to another session. You CANNOT switch sessions unless you confirm it with the PRC first.

If you cannot attend another session, you will need to submit the Request for Rescheduling form at the bottom of this page. You must submit the form ALONG WITH ADEQUATE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION according to the following procedures.

For Scheduled, Non-Emergency Conflicts

You must submit the form and documentation within five (5) calendar days after receiving your original notification email. Below is a list of acceptable reasons and the documentation you must provide.

  • REASON: Previously scheduled military commitment
    A copy of your military orders or a letter from your commander/supervisor
  • REASON: Previously scheduled vacation
    A copy of your travel documents or receipts that confirm your travel dates (such as hotel or plane reservations)
  • REASON: Previously scheduled in-patient medical procedure
    Medical documentation
  • REASON: Previously scheduled jury duty or other court appearance
    A copy of your jury summons, notice of hearing, etc.
  • REASON: Mandatory assignment for County business (for County employees only)
    Verification from County personnel regarding your assignment

In the Case of an Emergency

You must submit the form and documentation within one (1) calendar day after your original testing date. Below is a list of acceptable reasons and the documentation you must include.

  • REASON: Death in your immediate family (Immediate family includes spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, grandson, granddaughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, a legal guardian or other person who has an in loco parentis relationship with you, or any other relative residing with you.)
    Death notice or obituary for the immediate family member
  • REASON: Emergency medical situation
    Medical documentation
  • REASON: Public safety/emergency worker called in for duty
    Adequate documentation supporting your emergency call into work
  • REASON: PRC error in the approval, notification, or scheduling process
    DOCUMENTATION: Adequate documentation as necessary

In the Case of Technical Difficulties Taking an Online Exam

You must submit the form as soon as you have technical difficulties trying to take an online test through Examity, the vendor conducting online test proctoring for the PRC. No further documentation is needed; the PRC can view an electronic record of your technical issue and will work with you on an alternate testing option.

Structured Interview

Rescheduling is only allowed in the case of an emergency. If you wish to request rescheduling, you must contact the PRC at (216) 698-2290 NO LATER THAN the day of your scheduled interview.

Reviewing Your Request

The PRC will evaluate your request for rescheduling. If we accept it, we will email you the details.

To avoid long delays, we will schedule only one extra session for everyone with a non-emergency conflict. Also, we will schedule only one extra session for everyone with an emergency conflict. Whenever possible, we will schedule these within one (1) week of the original testing period. We will make no further attempts beyond these extra sessions.

If the PRC determines that you did not follow procedures or submit adequate supporting documentation, we will reject your request. You will have to attend as originally scheduled.

If the PRC determines that you provided false information as part of your request, we will reject your request. You also will no longer be eligible to take the test. County employees may face potential discipline.

Submitting Your Request

You may submit the request several ways:

Click here to download a PDF of the Request for Rescheduling form.

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