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Section 1 Definitions

1.01 Definitions

(1) Abolishment - Means one of the following:

a. Abolishment of Classification - The permanent deletion of a classification from the organization due to lack of continued need for the classification , due to reorganization for efficient operation, economy or lack o f work, or other lawful purpose; or

b. Abolishment of Position - The permanent deletion of a position from the structure of an Appointing Authority due to lack o f continued need for the position, due to reorganization for efficient operation, economy or lack of work, or other lawful purpose.

(2) Appeal - An action by which an affected party challenges the decision or determination of an Appointing Authority , the Direct or, and/or the Commission.

(3) Appointment - Placement of an employee in a position.

(4) Appointing Authority - Means the same as defined in Section 9.04 of the Cuyahoga County Charter.

(5) Charter - The Cuyahoga County Charter.

(6) Classification - Means one of the following:

a. A group of positions of sufficiently similar duties that the same title and specification may be assigned to each; or

b. The act of assigning a classification title to a position(s) based upon the duties performed.

(7) Commission - The Cuyahoga Count y Personnel Review Commission.

(8) Competitive Examination - Method used by the Commission to assess the relative capability of qualified applicants to perform the duties and responsibilities of the classification.

(9) County - As defined in the Charter.

(10) County Code - The Code of Cuyahoga County established by Ordinance No. 02013 - 0001.

(11) County Council - The Cuyahoga County Council.

(12) County Executive - The Cuyahoga County Executive.

(13) Demotion - The act of placing an individual in a position, at the request of an Appointing Authority or the employee, the classification for which carries a lower salary range than that of the classification the employee currently holds.

(14) Director - The Director of the Cuyahoga County Human Resources Department as appointed by the County Executive.

(15) Eligibility List - A list of names established by the Commission for the purpose of filling vacancies in the classified service.

(16) Ethics Code - Title IV of the Cuyahoga County Code and any revisions thereto.

(17) Human Resources Department - The Cuyahoga County Department of Human Resources.

(18) Layoff - A suspension of employment due to either a lack of work or a lack of funds, or other lawful purpose.

(19) Meeting - Any prearranged discussion of the public business of the PRC by a majority of its members.

(20) Noncompetitive Examination - An examination that evaluates individual candidates based upon established criteria to determine which applicants are qualified to fill appointments to positions requiring exceptional qualifications of a scientific, professional, educational, or managerial character or positions where it is impractical to develop and administer competitive examinations.

(21) Pay - The annual, non-overtime compensation due an employee.

(22) Pay Equity Ordinance - Chapter 303 of the Cuyahoga County Code and any revisions thereto.

(23) Pay Range - The pay grade assigned to a position or classification.

(24) Position - The name that applies to a group of duties intended to be performed by an employee.

(25) Promotion - The appointment of an employee to a different position assigned a higher pay range than the employee’s previous position.

(26) Reassignment - The assignment of an employee to a different classification.

(27) Reclassification - The assignment of a position to a different classification.

(28) Reduction in Pay - An action that diminishes an employee’s pay. When the conditions of entitling an employee to supplemental pay end, the ending of supplemental pay shall not be considered a reduction, nor shall a change in the cost of an appointing authority’s insurance or other contributions be considered a reduction.

(29) Reduction in Position - An action that diminishes an employee’s duties or responsibilities to the extent an audit of the employee’s position would result in a reclassification to a classification assigned a lower pay range.

(30) Removal - Termination of an employee’s employment.

(31) Request for Reconsideration - A request made by an affected party seeking the Commission’s reconsideration of certain pre-employment determination s made by the Commission. See Rules 7.03 and 9.05.

(32) Suspension - The interruption of an employee’s employment and compensation for a fixed period of time.