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Section 10 Certification

Permanent appointments to all positions in the classified service that are not filled by promotion, transfer, or reduction shall be made from those persons whose names are certified to the Appointing Authority in accordance with these Rules.

10.01 Certification Request

When an Appointing Authority desires to fill a vacancy in any position in the classified service, the Appointing Authority shall submit a request to the Commission specifying the department, title of the position, grade, whether the service is temporary or permanent, and the anticipated date of the vacancy.

[Reference Section 303.03(K)(1) of the County Code]

10.02 Number of Names to be Certified

Following such request from an Appointing Authority, the Commission, through its staff, shall certify the names, addresses, and rank of the top twenty-five percent (25%) or a minimum of ten (10) names of the applicants on the eligibility list for the class or grade to which the position is classified.

When less than 10 names appear on an eligibility list, the Commission may certify less than ten (10) names and a new examination may be scheduled.

[Reference Section 303.03(K) (2) of the County Code]

10.03 Certification Not More Than Three Times

A person certified from the same eligible list three (3) times to the same Appointing Authority may be omitted from future certifications. A person is “certified,” for purposes of this section, each time an appointment is made from a certified eligibility list containing that person’s name.

[Reference Section 303.03(K) (3) of the County Code]