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Section 5 Rule-Making

5.01 Rule-Making Procedure

As used in this Section:

(A) “Rule” refers to the PRC Administrative Rules, Cuyahoga County Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual and employee classifications in the County’s Class Plan;

(B) A “rule change” means the addition of a new rule, or rescission or amendment of an existing rule.

Rule changes may be proposed to the Commission by the PRC Administrator, the Director, or by an individual Commission member. Proposed rule changes shall be submitted with a coversheet containing the following information:

(1) A statement declaring the intention to consider adopting, amending or rescinding the rule;

(2) A synopsis of the proposed rule change a general statement of the subject matter to which the proposed rule change relates; and

(3) A statement of the reason or purpose for the rule change.

Upon receipt, the Commission shall post the proposed rule changes and the coversheet on its webpage ( The posting shall include the date, time and place of the Commission meeting where the proposed rule change will be heard. The public shall be permitted to comment regarding the proposed rule change in accordance with Section 4.01 of these Rules. The Commission may act on a proposed rule change only after such rule change has been posted for a minimum of twenty (20) days.

If a proposed rule change to the Cuyahoga County Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual or employee classifications in the County’s Class Plan is approved by a majority vote of the Commission, such rule change will be referred to County Council for its consideration and becomes effective only after approval by County Council.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the PRC Administrator is authorized to approve minor revisions to a rule if such revision does not alter the meaning or intent of the rule. If the PRC Administrator makes such a change, a record will be created to reflect the modification and the purpose of the change.