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Section 6 Classification and Compensation Plans

6.01 Classification Plan

As required by the Charter, the Commission shall administer a countywide classification and compensation plan that includes the classified employees (if any) of the County Executive, County Council, Fiscal Office, Law Department, Sheriff’s Department, Public Works, Medical Examiner, Clerk of Courts, Treasurer, Public Defender, Prosecutor, Personnel Review Commission, Inspector General, and the County Audit Committee.

The classification plan shall be adopted and maintained by the Commission and approved by County Council. The plan shall provide for the classification and standardization of all positions in the County’s classified service. The classification system will serve to organize the work performed by the County’s classified employees, and will organize positions into classifications on the basis of duties and responsibilities. Classifications are organized into class series, which groups two or more classes that are similar in the type of work but differ in levels of complexity, difficulty and managerial responsibility. Each position with in the classified service shall have a corresponding classification specification which shall contain the minimum qualifications for appointment to the class.

Each position within the unclassified service shall have a corresponding job description which shall identify the basis upon which the position is exempted from the classified service.

[Reference Sections 303.01 and 303.04(A) of the County Code]

6.02 Competitive and Noncompetitive Classes

Following the effective date of this section and anytime a classification is created thereafter; the Commission shall determine whether the class is to be designated as competitive or noncompetitive. In making this determination, the Commission shall consider the following factors:

(1) The practicality of testing for the class by competitive examination in accordance with generally accepted psychometric standards;

(2) Whether the class requires peculiar or exceptional qualifications of a scientific, managerial, professional or educational character as demonstrated by:

     a. the level of education, the field of study and the degree of specialization required;
     b. the kind, level and amount of work experience required;
     c. a special license or certificate required; and/or
     d. any recruiting or other information relating to the number or availability of qualified applicants.

(3) Whether the class consists of positions that are impractical to test for competitively; and

(4) Any other relevant information.

Upon revision of a classification or at the request of the Director, the assignment of a class as competitive or noncompetitive shall be reviewed by the Commission.

6.03 Changes to the Classification Plan

The Commission may consider changes to the class plan upon request via the procedure set forth in Rule 5.01 herein.

6.04 Compensation Plan

The Commission shall administer a compensation plan for the County’s non-bargaining unit, classified employees, and shall recommend to County Council such modifications as needed to ensure the system provides for compensation based on merit and fitness and to ensure pay equity in like classifications. The PRC’s administration of the classification and compensation plans includes but is not limited to performing job analysis, salary surveys, periodic system reviews, development of position descriptions and classification specifications, and research/recommendation of best classification and compensation practices. Job audits performed at the request of classified employees will be conducted by the Human Resources Department.

[Reference Section 303.04(B) of the County Code]

6.05 Unclassified Service

The unclassified service consists of positions that are specifically exempted from the classified service by law. Persons employed in a position in the unclassified service serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be removed from their unclassified position at any time for any lawful reason.

All appointing authorities shall provide reports detailing the appointment of employees to the unclassified service to the Commission in accordance with the procedures that shall be determined by the Commission.

[Reference Section 303.04(A) of the County Code]