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Section 9 Eligibility Lists

9.01 Posting of Lists

From the results of each competitive examination, the Commission shall establish and keep open to public inspection a list of the persons whose grade in any examination meets or exceeds the minimum passing grade and who are otherwise eligible.

9.02 Duration of Lists

Eligible lists created by the Commission shall remain in force not longer than one (1) year; however, the Commission may, at its discretion, extend the eligible list. The Commission may limit an eligibility lists to a particular Appointing Authority, notice of such limitation shall be provided in the examination announcement.

9.03 Breaking Tied Grades

In the event two (2) or more applicants receive the same grade on an open competitive examination in which rank ordering is used in establishing the eligibility list, priority in the time of filing the application shall determine the order in which their names shall be placed on the eligible list; applicants eligible for uniformed service credit shall receive priority in rank on the eligible list over non-veterans on the list with a rating equal to that of the veteran. Ties among applicants receiving military service credit shall be decided by which application was filed earlier with the Commission.

[Reference Section 303.03(I) of the County Code]

9.04 Change of Address

Each person on an eligibility list shall file with the Commission a written notice of any change of address, and failure to do so may be considered sufficient reason for not certifying the applicant’s name to the appointing authorities for consideration for appointment.

9.05 Removal from List

Upon receiving notification from the Appointing Authority, Director, or the PRC Administrator, names may be removed from an eligibility list by action of the Commission for the following reasons:

1. At the request of the eligible candidate.
2. After three certifications or considerations without receiving an appointment.
3. Failure to pass a pre-employment background check and/or drug or alcohol screen.
4. Failure to appear for an interview.
5. Inability to locate the eligible at his or her last known address.
6. Practice or attempt to practice any deception in his or her application or in securing eligibility or appointment.
7. Any other just or reasonable cause.

If a candidate requests removal, and the request is based on illness, military service, or conflict with schooling, that candidate may be restored to the eligibility list when that candidate indicates renewed availability for consideration if the eligibility list is still in effect per Section 9.02.

If a candidate’s name is removed for any of the other reasons set forth in this Rule, the candidate may make a written request for reconsideration to the Commission for the restoration of his or her name to the eligibility list. Such request shall be made within five (5) calendar days of date the notification of removal was electronically mailed and shall set forth why the removal was in error, stating the reasons that would justify restoration to the list, and providing evidence of the same. Restoration to the eligibility list is within the sole discretion of the Commission. Consideration of a candidate’s request for reconsideration shall not be quasi-judicial and shall not result in a final order that entitles the candidate to an administrative appeal to the Commission.

[Reference Section 303.03(J) of the County Code]

9.06 Creation by Noncompetitive Examination

After the completion of the review as provided in Rule 8.10, an eligibility list shall be prepared including the names of all applicants, placed in alphabetical order, who met the minimum requirements as set forth in the examination announcement.

The Commission shall provide the Appointing Authority with the eligibility list and the application materials of the individuals on the list for interview and subsequent selection.