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Civil Service Testing Procedures

IMPORTANT: The PRC will contact you about civil service testing ONLY via email. We will send messages to the email address on your online application profile with the county. We will contact you via our email address of Please make sure this is a trusted sender for your email account. We do not accommodate requests or reconsiderations because an email from the PRC was overlooked or filtered into a junk/spam folder. Contact us immediately with any changes to your email address.

Application and Screening

To apply for a civil service test, you must first apply to a classified job posting. External candidates should visit the county’s Department of Human Resources website. Follow the Job Board Instructions to apply. Cuyahoga County employees should apply on the internal job board. From the Infor landing page, open the Infor HR Talent app. On the Employee landing page, click the “Job Opportunities” link to find the internal job board.

Before applying, make sure you complete your application profile with all the details about your education, experience, licensures, certifications, and other qualifications. If you have a résumé, make sure you attach it to your profile before applying for a position. However, it’s still important that you also complete your application profile. PRC staff reviews all applications after the job posting closes. Once we finish screening, we will email you about the status of your application. If we reject your application and you want to request reconsideration, please visit the PRC’s Requests for Reconsideration page.

Online Testing

Exam Fee

There is no fee to take the exam.


Most civil service tests are administered online. If you meet the minimum requirements and have the necessary equipment at home, you can take the test through a website called Examity. Your exam notification email includes details on how to test online. You can also visit our Online Testing through Examity website for more information on what you need to take the test online.

If you can’t take the test from home, you can instead come to the PRC computer lab. The PRC is located at 9830 Lorain Avenue. This is on the northwest corner of Lorain Avenue and West 98th Street. There is free public parking in the lot on the corner. However, parking in this lot isn’t guaranteed. The county hosts frequent training events at this location, and the lost can fill up quickly. If you plan to use your own transportation, you should try to come early to find a parking space. Otherwise, you will need to use street parking. There are also stops for the 22 and 81 GCRTA bus lines near the building.

If you plan to take a test at the PRC’s computer lab, please know that you will need to pass through security. This includes metal detection and a scan of personal bags. Also, guests are not permitted in the computer lab and must wait in the lobby.

The computer lab is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM ET to 12:00 PM ET, and from 1:00 PM ET to 4:00 PM ET. The lab is closed from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, and it closes for the day at 4:00 PM with no exceptions. You may come to the PRC any time the lab is open to take your test.

The computer lab will be closed on county holidays. Please refer to the holiday calendar for holiday schedule adjustments.

Photo Identification

You must provide a valid photo ID before you can take the test. If you take the test online, you must show your photo ID on your webcam so the auditor can confirm your identity. If you take the test in the PRC computer lab, you must show your photo ID to the proctor before you can sign in and begin. If the name on your application doesn’t match the name on your photo ID, you must provide us with documentation verifying your name change.

If you test for a job that requires a valid driver’s license, you can use ONLY your driver’s license as your ID. Your exam notification will say if this is the case.


Because you can take most tests on demand during an open testing window, rescheduling may not be available. Please refer to your exam notification email for details. If you are still unable to test during the testing window, please visit the PRC’s Requests for Test Rescheduling page for complete details on legitimate rescheduling reasons and the required documentation.

Military Service Credit

If you wish to request military service credit, you must provide us with documentation before the end of the testing window. Acceptable documentation includes your DD-214 form or evidence of completing your initial entry-level training (for those in a reserve component). You may provide your documentation via email to, via fax to (216) 443-3694, or by bringing a PHOTOCOPY with you if you take the test in person.

Accommodation in Testing for ADA-Related Disability

If you wish to request accommodation in testing for an ADA-related disability, please visit the PRC’s Requests for ADA Accommodation in Testing page for complete details on how to make the request. You must submit the request prior to the end of the testing window, so please visit the page as soon as possible.

Additional Exam Details

If you plan to take the test online from home, make sure you read the Examity instructions at the beginning of the test. These will tell you if you can use any extra material (pencil, scratch paper, handheld calculator, etc.). If you take the test at the computer lab, the PRC will provide you with everything you need to take the test.

Once we score the test, all candidates who pass the test will appear on the eligibility list in rank order. We will post the eligibility list to the PRC’s Civil Service Eligibility Lists page. If you take the test, then we will notify you via email when we post the list. The email will contain additional information regarding the next steps in filling a vacancy.

PLEASE NOTE: The eligibility list is a public record that contains your name, rank, and test score. If you don’t want your name to appear on the public list, you must notify the PRC in writing at that you wish to withdraw from the process. You must do this prior to the posting of the eligibility list. However, you will be removed from consideration. You will no longer be eligible for the position. Once the PRC posts an eligibility list, it will not be modified or removed until the list expires, the list is exhausted, or the PRC must correct an error.

If you have any questions regarding the testing process, please contact the PRC at (216) 698-2290 or DO NOT contact the hiring department or the Department of Human Resources with questions about the test, as they will not be able to answer your questions.

Scheduled In-Person Testing

In some cases, we may schedule the test for a specific date and time at the PRC offices. All of the above procedures still apply EXCEPT that you must attend on the date and time listed in your notification email. We try to provide 10-14 days’ notice in these cases so you can arrange to attend, and we usually allow rescheduling if you have a conflict.

Structured Interview

In some cases, the PRC uses a structured interview as the civil service test. If we invite you for a structured interview, all of the above procedures apply EXCEPT for the following:

  • The interview may be at a different location or happen via teleconference, and
  • The interview will not be on demand and must be scheduled ahead of time.

Please refer to your notification email for details on the location, specific procedures, and available dates and times for the structured interview.