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Classification & Compensation FAQs

For further reading on Cuyahoga County’s policies regarding Classification and Compensation, please see Sections 303 (Civil Service Plan) and 305 (Cuyahoga County Non-Bargaining Classification Plan) of the Cuyahoga County Code

For complete details, please see Section 6 in the PRC Administrative Rules

Who maintains and develops the Classification and Compensation system?

Under the County Charter, the PRC has the responsibility for administering the countywide Classification and Compensation system subject to the approval of County Council. The PRC’s Classification & Compensation Team includes highly trained professionals with advanced degrees in Human Resources and related fields accompanied with extensive training/experience in reviewing, researching, and revising classification specifications.

What is the purpose of a Classification Specification update?

Classification Specification updates are commonly conducted for some of the following reasons:
  • position duties have evolved over time
  • advancements in technology and education are required
  • departments have restructured positions’ organizational relationships and responsibilities
  • issues with recruitment and retention

What are the types of classification studies are being conducted?

Position Review/Job Audit – study to determine an appropriate classification for an incumbent (conducted by the HR Department)

Classification Specification Update – study to determine updates for an existing classification (conducted by the PRC)

New Classification Request – study to identify knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop a newly identified classification specification and associated salary (requested by HR and conducted by the PRC)

What is the comprehensive position questionnaire (CPQ) being used for?

The PRC utilizes a CPQ to gather information that will assist us in revising or developing new classification specifications. Areas of information collected include things such as essential functions, positions’ purpose, minimum qualifications and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the essential functions.

For information concerning the Human Resources Department’s use of a CPQ, please consult Section 5.09 (Non-Bargaining Position Audits) in the Cuyahoga County Policies and Procedures Manual.

Who needs to sign the CPQ?

If the position(s) have incumbents, then the employee needs to sign the CPQ to attest to the accuracy of the information they included. Once completed, the department director and/or designee as well as the immediate supervisor will have a chance to review, offer feedback and apply further revisions if need be. They must also sign the document.

How was I chosen to fill out a CPQ/who requested me fill out the CPQ?

The PRC will request position incumbents fill out a CPQ when classification maintenance updates are necessary. For newly requested positions from a department, the PRC will request department directors and/or their designees to fill out the CPQ.

Will there be adjustments made to the classification pay range?

Once a classification has been updated or created, it is sent to an outside consultant who utilizes a point-factor system that assigns a value to a set of universal work requirements and aptitudes, and then assigns a pay grade to the classification.

Will there be adjustments made to the individual’s salary?

Once a Classification and Compensation study is completed, the revised specifications will be sent to the Human Resources Department for consideration concerning incumbents’ salary changes, if applicable.

How long does it take to conduct a classification study?

Depending on the number of incumbents in a position and the complexity of the work being performed, it may take up to several months. Timeframes vary depending on the length of time required by employees to accurately fill out a CPQ, department directors to review CPQ content, research and writing conducted by the PRC Classification and Compensation Team, and finally presenting the new or revised classifications through the legislative process of the PRC Commissioners and County Council.

If I do not agree with a newly created classification or revisions to my current classification is there an appeals process?

No, the revised or newly created classifications cannot be appealed. However, employees are welcome to provide feedback on revised or newly created classifications during the PRC Commissioner’s meetings as well as before County Council. Employees should consult the PRC and County Council websites for notices on meetings where classifications of their interest may appear.

Please note: All classifications are presented to department directors prior to proceeding through the legislative process. Some questions may be answered by the PRC Classification and Compensation Team or a department director and/or designee.

Email address/contact information:

Questions should be emailed to or sent via regular U.S. mail to the Personnel Review Commission located at 9830 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.