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The Commissioners

  • Thomas L. Colaluca, Chairman
  • F. Allen Boseman, Commissioner
  • Deborah Southerington, Commissioner
The County Charter requires the County Council to appoint three Personnel Review Commissioners who shall be electors of the County with experience in personnel matters or personnel administration.

The Charter also requires the Commissioners to be supportive of equal opportunity considerations, and that no more than two of the three are members of the same political party. The term of office for the Commissioners is six years, which is staggered so no term expires within less than two years of the expiration of any other term.

The current Commissioners include experienced professionals who bring a unique combination of experience and knowledge of public sector employment to their work for the PRC. The Commissioners are either employment attorneys and/or human resources professionals. Although the Commissioners hold full-time positions with other employers, they attend regular and special PRC meetings as well as issue final orders on appeals before the Commission.