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Requests for Reconsideration

If you believe your application for a classified position should not have been rejected, you may make a request for reconsideration. Please complete and submit the Request for Reconsideration form via the link at the bottom of this page after reading the information below.

Deadline and Instructions

  • You must complete and submit the form and supporting documentation within five (5) calendar days after receiving your original notification of rejection. Only requests using this form and submitted by the deadline will be considered.
  • In addition to explaining why you think your application should not have been rejected, be sure to include any evidence that supports your claim. You may include attachments such as an updated résumé, academic transcripts, and other documents. The PRC staff will review your submission and make a final decision.
  • If it is determined that you are eligible to take the exam, the exam details will be emailed to you.
  • If your request for reconsideration is still pending at the time of an exam, you will be allowed to take the exam pending the request resolution. However, if the PRC, within its sole discretion, finds the rejection justified, your exam will not be graded.
  • If it is determined that the rejection was justified, an email will be sent to you with this information.
  • The PRC will NOT consider requests that contest the minimum requirements of the position.

How to complete a request for reconsideration form

Before completing your request form, please review your application profile. Your qualifications were screened ONLY using your submitted application profile, so reviewing it to see what is accurate, what needs updating, etc. will help you determine why your application was rejected and what you should address in your request form. 

Below are common reasons for rejecting an application, as well as additional details about what the rejection reason could mean and suggestions for what information you should include in your request. Please remember to attach any documents that support your request. However, you must still explain on the form why you feel your application should not be rejected.

  • Did not meet the educational requirement

    • Common reasons are: your degree level (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, etc.) does not meet the requirements or is unclear, your degree is not in a required/related field, you marked that you did not graduate, and/or you left the education section blank or incomplete.

    • In your request form, make sure you describe your educational achievements as clearly and completely as possible, including degree level, field of study, and graduation date.

  • Did not meet the experience requirement

    • Common reasons are: you do not have enough years of experience; your experience is not related to the minimum requirements; your employment dates are blank or unclear, meaning your total experience could not be determined; your job duties were not listed or did not include enough detail, meaning the application reviewer could not determine if the experience was relevant; and/or you left the experience section blank or incomplete.

    • In your request form, make sure you describe your experience as clearly and completely as possible. You should include accurate employment dates and a detailed description of your job duties, so the application reviewer can determine if you have enough relevant experience for the position.

You may submit the form through this webpage; in person or via U.S. mail to 9830 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102; via email to; or via fax at (216) 443-3694.

Click here to download a pdf of the Request for Reconsideration form

Requests for Reconsideration







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