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Section 1 Definitions

1.01 Definitions

(1) Abolishment - Means one of the following:

a. Abolishment of Classification - The permanent deletion of a classification from the organization due to lack of continued need for the classification, due to reorganization for efficient operation, economy or lack of work, or other lawful purpose; or

b. Abolishment of Position - The permanent deletion of a position from the structure of an Appointing Authority due to lack of continued need for the position, due to reorganization for efficient operation, economy or lack of work, or other lawful purpose.

(2) Appeal - An action by which an affected party challenges the decision or determination of an Appointing Authority, the Director of HR, and/or the Commission.

(3) Appointment - Placement of an employee in a position.

(4) Appointing Authority - Means the same as defined in Section 9.04 of the Cuyahoga County Charter.

(5) Charter - The Cuyahoga County Charter.

(6) Classification - Means one of the following:

a. A group of positions of sufficiently similar duties that the same title and specification may be assigned to each; or

b. The act of assigning a classification title to a position(s) based upon the duties performed.

(7) Commission or PRC - The Cuyahoga County Personnel Review Commission.

(8) Competitive Examination - Method used by the Commission to assess the relative capability of qualified applicants to perform the duties and responsibilities of the classification.

(9) County - As defined in the Charter.

(10) County Code - The Code of Cuyahoga County established by Ordinance No. 02013-0001.

(11) County Council - The Cuyahoga County Council.

(12) County Executive - The Cuyahoga County Executive.

(13) Demotion - The act of placing an individual in a position, at the request of an Appointing Authority or the employee, the classification for which carries a lower pay grade than that of the classification the employee currently holds.

(14) Director of HR - The Director of the Cuyahoga County Human Resources Department as appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by County Council.

(15) PRC Director - The Director of the Cuyahoga County Personnel Review Commission as appointed by the Commission.

(16) Eligibility List - A list of names established by the Commission for the purpose of filling vacancies in the classified service.

(17) Ethics Policy - Title IV of the Cuyahoga County Code and any revisions thereto.

(18) Human Resources Department - The Cuyahoga County Department of Human Resources.

(19) Layoff - A suspension of employment due to either a lack of work or a lack of funds, or other lawful purpose.

(20) Meeting - Any prearranged discussion of the public business of the Commission by a majority of its members.

(21) Noncompetitive Examination - An examination that evaluates individual candidates based upon established criteria to determine which applicants are qualified to fill appointments to positions requiring exceptional qualifications of a scientific, professional, educational, or managerial character or positions where it is impractical to develop and administer competitive examinations.

(22) Pay - The annual, non-overtime compensation due an employee.

(23) Pay Grade - The pay range assigned to a position or classification.

(24) Position - The name that applies to a group of duties intended to be performed by an employee.

(25) Promotion - The appointment of an employee to a different position assigned a higher pay grade than the employee’s previous position.

(26) Reassignment - The assignment of an employee to a different classification.

(27) Reclassification - The assignment of a position to a different classification.

(28) Reduction in Pay - An action that diminishes an employee’s pay. When the conditions of entitling an employee to supplemental pay end, the ending of supplemental pay shall not be considered a reduction, nor shall a change in the cost of an Appointing Authority’s insurance or other contributions be considered a reduction.

(29) Reduction in Position - An action that diminishes an employee’s duties or responsibilities to the extent an audit of the employee’s position would result in a reclassification to a classification assigned a lower pay grade.

(30) Removal - Termination of an employee’s employment.

(31) Request for Reconsideration - A request made by an affected party seeking the Commission’s reconsideration of certain pre-employment determinations made by the Commission. See Rule 7.03.

(32) Request for Restoration - A request made by an affected party seeking the Commission’s consideration to restore that party to an established eligibility list. See Rule 9.05.

(33) Suspension - The interruption of an employee’s employment and/or compensation for a fixed period of time.