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Section 7 Announcements & Applications

7.01 Examination Announcement

The Commission shall give reasonable notice of the time, place, and general scope of competitive examinations for positions in the classified civil service. Examination announcements shall be posted electronically on both the Personnel Review Commission’s and Cuyahoga County’s website.

The examination announcement shall contain the title, definition, salary range, and minimum requirements for the classification. The examination announcement shall also indicate the last day and hour that applications will be accepted.

In addition, if the eligibility list resulting from the examination will be limited to a particular Appointing Authority per Rule 9.02 herein, such limitation shall be set forth in the examination announcement.

The Commission shall establish and publish minimum requirements for each position, which shall be included in the official announcement of each examination.

[Reference Section 303.03(B) of the County Code]

7.02 Applications

Applicants for classified civil service positions shall file one application that will serve as both the request to take the examination and as the application for employment with the County.

Job postings and applications are available at the County’s Human Resources Department website (

[Reference Section 303.03(B) of the County Code]

7.03 Rejection of Applicants

All applications shall be reviewed by an authorized representative of the Commission. Applications may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

(1) It was not filed within the prescribed time period.

(2) That the applicant has not met one or more of the minimum requirements of the position.

(3) That the applicant has made a false statement on the application.

(4) Any just or reasonable cause that is job-related and not discriminatory as determined by the Commission.

Upon rejecting any application, the Commission shall promptly notify the applicant of the reason for the rejection at the electronic mail address provided on the application. The applicant may, within five (5) calendar days after the date of the notice, file with the Commission a Request for Reconsideration form (available on the PRC’s website: Only requests made using the proper form and submitted by the deadline will be considered.

The Commission will not consider requests that contest the qualifications established for the position. If a request for reconsideration from a rejection is pending at the time an examination is scheduled to be held, the applicant shall be allowed to take the examination pending the resolution of the request. If after review, it is determined that the rejection is justified, the examination paper shall not be graded. Consideration of an applicant’s request for reconsideration shall not be quasi-judicial and shall not result in a final order that entitles the applicant to an administrative appeal to the Commission.

[Reference Section 303.03(C) of the County Code]

7.04 Accommodation

The examination announcement will advise potential applicants as to the procedures by which a potential applicant may request reasonable accommodation for a disability, as defined by applicable law, in order to participate in the application process and/or examination process.

7.05 Equal Employment Opportunity

Applications will be accepted without regard to the race, ethnic background, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, political affiliation or opinion, military status, religious belief, gender identity, or age of any applicant unless otherwise lawfully required.