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  Upcoming PRC Meetings: 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
at 5:00 pm

The PRC Meetings held at:
2429 Superior Viaduct, 3rd Fl
Cleveland, OH 44113 

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Gallagher Benefits Services presented its findings and recommendations from the Pay Equity Study to County Council’s Human Resources, Appointments & Equity Committee at its May 5, 2015 meeting. Click here to review the FOCUS GROUP REPORT and the FINAL REPORT.

The Personnel Review Commission (PRC) was established by the Cuyahoga County Charter in 2009 and has been operational since 2011. The Personnel Review Commission (PRC) is an independent agency and not part of the County's Human Resources Department. The PRC has a wide range of responsibilities and authority, all of which are defined in the County Charter.

In addition to hearing appeals previously heard by the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR), the PRC is responsible for administering a countywide classification and compensation system. The PRC also has responsibility for ensuring an employment system based on merit and fitness, which includes civil service testing as well as responsibility for ensuring that the County’s human resources systems provide a foundation for employment decisions based on qualifications and performance. The Charter gives the PRC responsibility for ensuring compliance with federal and state laws regarding personnel matters within the County Executive’s organization and departments. The PRC also provides guidance to the HR department on human resources systems including training, recruitment, performance management, discipline and ethics. When changes are proposed to the County’s Human Resources rules and policies, the PRC reviews them first and make recommendations about the proposed changes to County Council.

Specifically, the Charter gives the PRC authority to ensure:

  • Pay equity for like positions;
  • Standardization of benefits;
  • Approval of qualifications;
  • Consistent discipline;
  • Training of management in personnel practices;
  • Training of employees in job functions;
  • Training for total quality management;
  • Consistent administration of performance management system; - Coordination of recruitment;
  • Compliance with ethics resolutions or ordinances as passed by the Council.