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Public Records Policy

It is the policy of the Cuyahoga County Personnel Review Commission (“PRC”) to strictly adhere to the Ohio Public Records Act. This Public Records Policy establishes the policies and procedures regarding public records requests.

Public Records Defined

Public Records are defined as any item that meets all three of the following criteria:
  1. Stored on a fixed medium (e.g., paper, computer, microfilm and email)
  2. Created, received, or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office;
  3. Documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office.

See O.R.C. §149.011(G)

Records Retention Schedule

The PRC shall adopt a records retention schedule describing the methods by which and the length of time that records shall be kept.

Designation of Public Records Manager

The PRC designates the PRC Staff Attorney as its public records manager who shall be responsible for the maintenance of the public records for the PRC and for handling public records directed to the PRC.

The PRC Staff Attorney, Cynthia L. Sands, can be reached via telephone at 216-443-7742 or email

Public Records Requests

Form of Records Request

Any person requesting public records shall identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the PRC to identify, retrieve, and review the records requested. No specific language or form is required to make the request. If the records request is not sufficiently clear, the public records manager will contact the requestor for clarification, and will assist the requestor by providing information about the manner in which the office keeps its records.

Identity of Requestor Not Required

The requestor does not have to put a public records request in writing and is not required to provide his/her identity or the intended use of the records requested. The public office may request this information, particularly to aid in complying with the request, but must clearly state that providing this information is voluntary.

Availability of Records

Records shall be made available within a reasonable time period. Whenever a request is received that cannot be complied with expeditiously, the PRC will provide the requestor receipt acknowledging and describing the public records request and may provide an estimate as to when the production can be provided. An oral response shall satisfy the requirement of a receipt when the requestor does not provide an email or postal address.

Denial of Request and Redaction of Records

If a public records request is denied, in whole or in part, the PRC shall provide the requestor with an explanation for the denial as provided for in Section 149.43(B)(3) of the Ohio Revised Code.

Costs of Public Records

The costs for public records will be determined by County Council pursuant to County Code Section 106.06.